After a particularly nasty motorcycle accident, one in-person client stated,It’s like taking the morphine and all those pain pills, but without the nasty side-effects! ” She also stated that she could feel her muscles moving!“.

A distance client wrote, I recently was in need of some healing energy. Pip, who is a dear and a half said she would send healing energy. My upper respiratory system has been afflicted for some time. We set a time and during the long distance session – I felt such a peace. I found myself being able to do deep breathing, which I hadn’t been able to do. The peace and being able to breathe is still with me and I thank Pip for her assistance.“​

A cerebral palsy client in the UK wrote, Wish there was a way I could bathe in your healing energy.”  ”…as it makes me feel like I’ve been in a hydro-therapy pool.

California wrote, “I’ve had lots of energy work and there have been plenty of times where I felt nothing. That was so not the case here! I lay down and closed my eyes at the beginning of the session.  I had a splitting headache caused by a knot in my shoulder.  I felt so remarkably calm during the session…so peaceful.  And before long my headache was gone. I was aware of the knot in my shoulder…but in a few hours time it was GONE! It had been bugging me for days and causing painful headaches.  It was such a gift, you have no idea!”  

Another California client wrote, “Thank you so much for the healing session Sunday. It was extremely powerful. You have helped clear years of emotional blockages.“ 

​And Canada tweeted, “I had a great and powerful crying session. Felt my solar plexus burn with the surplus energy that was stuck there. Then: my second chakra. Woah. I felt it there. Very vulnerable, and yet powerful at the same time. Thank you so much!!” 

“I feel light-hearted and calm. I felt the light she sent and in an instant was overwhelmed with a joy (not to mention the tingles).  Thank you God, for sending angels like Pip. I just couldn’t shake the feeling without her.“ , from a friend in South Carolina.

A favorite responses was from an in-person, quick session here in town. “I laughed deeply for the first time in years.  My girls asked me what I was on!”

And this lovely testimonial: “When I sat down for my healing light session with Pip, I had been struggling with an emotional attachment that had been plaguing me for months. It was a time suck, an energy suck, and made me feel like a weak person. In the day or two after the session, I noticed that I was thinking about the object of my attachment less, and that thinking about it was less appealing. In short, I believe that my session with Pip completely healed me of this attachment and freed me to use that energy for more constructive things. I am so grateful to Pip for sharing her gift and causing this transformation.”

Someone else wrote…you most certainly hold the gift of light … others have been sending and I have felt support and hugs but not the clearing and acceptance that washed over me from you.  You ARE a clear channel.”

…and one of my favorite in-person responses, “(the energy)…felt like angel wings, very soft. “

Then there’s the icing on the cake from my mom – who has been living with fibromyalgia for decades – after a 30-minute distance session:

Well, you know I don’t really believe in all this stuff, but when I woke up today, I felt lighter. Also my knee pain did not go away, but it is different and not as much, and walking is easier. All I can say is ooeeooee and keep on doing what you’re doing, cause even if I don’t believe, it still works anyway. I feel very different than I have been over the past month or so. My muscles are not tense. My head feels clearer, brain-fog-wise. I slept very well. I usually wake up a few times needing to move because something hurts. I guess you don’t need to believe or understand what’s happening for it to work.” 


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