“Between Drinks”

Yesterday I received an email from David Downie, owner of¬†BetweenDrinksBlog.com, asking me to check out his book and possibly write something about it. Honestly, my first thought (after, wow, that’s unexpected and SO COOL!!!) was, “I don’t need to read something that will tell me it’s ok for me to drink”, because I know exactlyContinue reading ““Between Drinks””

Always Learning

Recently I signed up for a couple of online courses, and was thrilled with the wealth of information and how useful they were. First off, there is Theresa Reed’s kick-ass Mystical Mogul course. Twenty-five tips for $25. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Two of them alone were worth the price!! Next I decided toContinue reading “Always Learning”

It’s All About YOU!

I’ve been reading lately that people don’t purchase things from you when you are the one doing the selling/promoting, which doesn’t make sense on the one hand but does on the other: if I’m the one promoting and pushing my healing and no one else is mentioning it or talking about a session they’ve hadContinue reading “It’s All About YOU!”