What’s Your Oasis?

I was just sending healing light to someone, and sitting outside as usual, watching nature. I caught site of a ladybug frantically climbing up and down the weeds that we allow to grow around the birdbath. I thought she was an ant at first because of how she was moving. Then she climbed one stalkContinue reading “What’s Your Oasis?”

Bringing Back A Favorite Distance Healing Session

Yesterday I did a favorite distance session for someone in the Norway, and she responded with, “First, I cried, then I felt like I was being aired out, and now I’m so tired I can’t even make myself go to bed, lol.” I smiled for a long time after reading that! 🙂 I love thisContinue reading “Bringing Back A Favorite Distance Healing Session”


What a month. Not my favorite March ever, that’s for sure, but far from the worst at the same time. If you’re an astrology buff, then Mercury Retrograde is kicking my ass, and hasn’t stopped. Not an astrology buff? Well, then, this month just bit. It’s as simple as that. On the good side, thingsContinue reading “March…”

Can You Promise Healing?

This morning I woke to an email, asking about what I do, how it works, and mentioning that there are so many charlatans out there. She wanted to know, basically, if what I do is real and can I say I can really help. I wrote a response, and then thought it might actually beContinue reading “Can You Promise Healing?”

Question for Fellow Healers

I mentioned on Twitter recently that I’m pretty sure that carpal tunnel is settling into my wrists.  I spend a lot of time massaging my guy’s back (chronic pain issues), and working online and it finally all caught up with me a few weeks ago.  I’ve taken to wearing an Ace Bandage on my leftContinue reading “Question for Fellow Healers”