How Do YOU Worry?

I’m still working with bits and pieces of “Write It Down, Make It Happen, which I mentioned in a previous post, and one of the chapters is called ‘Addressing Fears and Challenges’. In it she writes about someone who used her journal to write about a huge goal she had made for herself (“I wantContinue reading “How Do YOU Worry?”

Browncoats and Breast Cancer Research

Fund a friend, save a life…or many. My friend, a Browncoat, has become an advocate for breast cancer research by joining Avon’s “39. The Walk to End Breast Cancer“, which is, if you aren’t aware, a 39 MILE walk in two, yes, T.W.O days. That, by my calculations (as the first day is 29 miles)Continue reading “Browncoats and Breast Cancer Research”

To Filofax or Not to Filofax

I have 3 Filofaxes; one pocket-size, one personal, and one A5 Chameleon (love!). The personal, a Fusion (as pictured on the left) is carried with me at all times, and I’ve got to admit: a lot of times that’s all I do with it. Come to find out, I’m more of a recorder than aContinue reading “To Filofax or Not to Filofax”

It’s a Green Smoothie Kind of Day

I haven’t been feeling up to par the past few days, and my stomach has been bugging me most of all. Yesterday my guy bought some veggies for me, and I’m starting out the day with a green smoothie to see if it helps. This one has spinach, cucumber, frozen strawberries and blueberries (hence theContinue reading “It’s a Green Smoothie Kind of Day”

Interesting Feedback

*may be TMI for guys* 😉 Just received this in an email…unexpected results from weekly distance healing sessions! “Has anybody else mentioned that prismatic healing affects their periods/menstrual cycle in a positive way? I used to have late periods up to two weeks but since having regular healing they have been either or time, orContinue reading “Interesting Feedback”

Inner Turmoil

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful for me, and I’m not sure why what’s going on is going on now, but it is. It could be all the astrological stuff going on, it could be that’s it’s the beginning of another year, and I once again feel as if I’ve made noContinue reading “Inner Turmoil”