2018 Word for the Year

I try to choose a word as my guide, my affirmation, my mantra each year, and this year I didn’t have to think twice because it popped into my head as soon as I thought about next year’s. It’s thrive. I want to thrive. Not just monetarily, which is the first thing that comes toContinue reading “2018 Word for the Year”

Dew Drop Essentials Review

Hello, again! A little bit ago, I wrote a post about an great indie company here in New Mexico, called Dew Drop Essentials. I’ve been using their products since then, and thought a review might be in order. šŸ™‚ The oil I’ve been using most often is called Morning Mist. It has a lovely mintyContinue reading “Dew Drop Essentials Review”

Dew Drop Essentials Sprays and Oils

My day job is at a lovely shop, Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium, and we sell this amazingĀ line of locally-made sprays and oils. The company is called Dew Drop Essentials, and it’s a mother-daughter endeavor. Mom Mary is the super-brain behind the business end of things, and daughter Hannah’s creations are the bomb, and it’s aContinue reading “Dew Drop Essentials Sprays and Oils”

Boosting An Independent Bookstore’s Signal

I once had my dream job: I worked at a small, independently owned used-books store*. It’s the coolest place: a converted house with a couple of add-ons to the back, making it an L-shaped warren of rooms. I had that job for 9 years and 10 months. Yes, even after 10 years, I remember theContinue reading “Boosting An Independent Bookstore’s Signal”

Thoughts for the Day

I was looking through my Filofax, and I have a section of quotes from different books, such as The FireStarter Sessions, as well as a blog or two, such as Belle’s.Ā  Ones that jumped out at me were: “First, get clear on how you want to feel.Ā  Then, do stuff that makes you feel thatContinue reading “Thoughts for the Day”

Always Learning

Recently I signed up for a couple of online courses, and was thrilled with the wealth of information and how useful they were. First off, there is Theresa Reed’s kick-ass Mystical Mogul course. Twenty-five tips for $25. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Two of them alone were worth the price!! Next I decided toContinue reading “Always Learning”

It’s All About YOU!

I’ve been reading lately that people don’t purchase things from you when you are the one doing the selling/promoting, which doesn’t make sense on the one hand but does on the other: if I’m the one promoting and pushing my healing and no one else is mentioning it or talking about a session they’ve hadContinue reading “It’s All About YOU!”