Writing Again

Hey, all. 🙂

I took that blogging break, and it extended to a lot longer than expected, but I’m back! I miss this blog and the creativity I feel when I sit down to write here.

My horoscope for this week (starts today) hit the nail on the head so clearly that I laughed when I read it. “I believe it may be the right time to tinker with or repair a foundation; to dig down to the bottom of an old resource and consider transforming it at its roots.”…oh, yeah. And that “old resource” is this blog. I have an idea how to transform it, not a total reboot, but still, different from what it’s been, for sure.

Hope to have you stick around…or come back if you’ve been gone, too. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. 🙂

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – May 2017

MeWe Because Privacy Matters

I’ve been talking about privacy for a while now, and it’s still difficult to get people to switch to apps and extensions that promote that, sadly. I won’t give up, though!

In that vein, I’m back to promoting a site that doesn’t track you or sell your info: MeWe. It’s reminiscent of Facebook, but has its own tweaks to the format. Right off, you should read the Privacy policy and then take the Challenge and see how your social media sites are stalking you. I’m using Opera as my browser, with it’s VPN on, I have a bunch of extensions such as FB disconnect, Twitter disconnect, ad block going, and yet when I ran the challenge just now, it shows that there are at least 101 tracking cookies stalking me. The most, naturally, are from FB, and Twitter is next. That’s scary. MeWe promises that it doesn’t track anything, and that we the members own our content. Granted, it’s a promise we are taking on faith, but my hope is that it holds true.

I like that you can create private groups (I have one just for my family), as well as public ones, just as with FB. You also have a feed called “My World”, in which you can post public (‘public’ meaning for MeWe members only) stuff, or you can choose to only post to groups and have absolutely nothing show as ‘public’.

There are a lot of groups you can join if you’d like to go for that FB/Twitter feel, too.

Each profile comes with an 8GB cloud, which you can click on, see what you have in there, and even delete items. Once you hit that 8GB, you can purchase more room for a monthly fee (prices vary according to how many GB you desire).

So far it seems like a neat place, it just needs more people! Sign up here, or through the link to my profile. Once you sign up, be sure to go to ‘Settings’ and set things up the way that makes you feel comfortable. And for each group you join/create, do the same (settings for your profile do not translate to setting for groups). One setting I always choose is that no one can share my posts or pictures outside the group…that’s an important one to me. I also disable the chat option, though there is no way to minimize the chat box when you’re viewing a group. 😦

Give it a whirl! I just told my coworker about it yesterday (another “I hate to use FB, but my family does…” grumbler), and he’s excited to dive in and get his friends and family to move there. Privacy matters, especially now!

©Pip Miller – March 2017

ETA: Forgot. There’s also a phone app, too!

Energetic Healing As Part Of Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care is the buzzword of the year, it seems, and there are a multitude of websites with tips on how to go about it, but not a lot mention energetic healing. I think that in many ways we are so conditioned to wanting results right now, that something as subtle as energy work can get pushed to the side in favor of a calming bath or a soothing song…or chocolate. 😉

Energy work can clear blocks and chakras, boost healing, bring about some relief from stress and anxiety, help with headaches, give you an oasis of calm in a busy day…there are so many applications for it that I couldn’t begin to list them!

The lovely thing about this type of healing is that since it can be so subtle, the results are gentle…yet very powerful at the same time. You may not even realize til a month or so later that a change has taken place, and yet it definitely has in its quiet way. On the other hand, many notice an immediate shift…each session is completely different and every person inwardly works with the healing energy differently.

A one-time session can do a lot of work for you, but when it comes to self-care, which should, by all rights, be an on-going routine for all of us, more than one session can really boost your inner healing. It can be once a week, bi-weekly, monthly…whatever feels best for you.

To help get you started, I’m offering a limited-time package of three 30-minute sessions for almost 1/2 off the price of three separate sessions: $50. This price is good until midnight MST, March 31st.

Let’s get that boost going! Self-care FTW!!!

©Pip Miller – March 2017

PS: Don’t forget to include your email address in the notes of your payment!!

When Spirit Comes Knocking

Sometimes Spirit just really want to get one’s attention, and yesterday She was quite obvious in her determination.

Most mornings I pull some cards to get a feel for the day, and yesterday one of the cards I pulled from the Mythical Goddess Tarot was Yemaya. Now Yemaya and I have a long history of dancing around each other, but I didn’t really think anything about the card beyond the message, which is, in part, about connecting with Mother so you can be a light for others.

Later, at work, we received a shipment of glass figurines that hang from cords. Two of them were mermaids, which I’d never seen before. Pretty, but again, I didn’t give it much thought.

The final frying-pan-upside-the-head was late last night when I was watching “Saving Grace” on Netflix (great show!). A young girl woke from a coma, speaking Portuguese and repeating a phrase. I picked up the word “Yemonja” and waited til they had translated what she was saying, and sure enough, she was praying to Yemonja! Alrighty then!

I did a bit of research (again), and found this article about her, and that’s when the light bulb really went off, and now I’m getting a feel for why she’s been making herself known to me so many times over the last 15 years or so.

This morning’s message came via an Instagram post from Tarot Readings From a Bitch, in which she had created a water altar, something I’ve not done, though it had been suggested to me before by Joanna Powell Colbert. Got it.

-Aside: read both of their blogs. You won’t regret it.

So I’m off to create a water altar, do some connecting, and figure out how to be a landlocked mermaid. 🙂

Have you ever had Spirit, in one form or another, be as determined to get you to pay attention? Who and how? Let’s hear about it!!

©Pip Miller – March 2017

PS: Almost forgot! Today and tomorrow, in honor of Yemaya and the water element, I’m offering a 15-minute session for $10 that focuses solely on the chakra associated with water; the sacral chakra. Let’s unblock some of that stuck energy and get things flowing! You can make your payment here, and don’t forget to put your email address in the notes so I can contact you and set up a time!


Spring Forward is a Misnomer

Yes, we turn the clocks forward an hour, so technically it is a true moniker, but in reality, it’s far from it.

Example: you’re in a nice routine, hitting the sack at 10pm ST (Standard Time) and rising at 6. Almost to the point where you don’t need an alarm. It’s winter, so it gets dark early, as it has since the world began, and once the winter solstice hit, you started to notice the normal, slow lengthening of the days. Spring is on its way!

Then, earlier this year than ever before, Daylight Savings comes along. Many, like me, grumble and rail against the change; others love the “hour more of sunlight!”

Let me explain that “hour more”. It’s not. What DST is, in reality, is a setting back of our body clocks* one hour, plain and simple. In exchange for what Mother Nature was gradually bringing us anyway. Yes, you get home from work at 7DST and there’s still a bit of sunlight left, but at what cost?

At night your comfortable 10pm bedtime is now, thanks to DST, actually 9pm body clock time. So you’re not getting an extra hour of light, you’re losing an hour of time before bed! If you stay up until you get actually sleepy, the clock reads 11, which isn’t enough sleep time. And in the morning your 6 am is now 7DST, so you have to wake up (body clock) at 5. Everything is back an hour. And I don’t know about you, but having to go to bed when I’m NOT tired in order to get up an hour earlier when I AM tired to fit the clock is a really, really grumbly, completely ridiculous change.

If everyone would just be patient and let things roll in their own time, we’d have gained that “extra hour of sunlight” soon enough, without the stress to our bodies. Doesn’t that make more sense in the long run?

©Pip Miller – March 2017

*Standard Time (aka ST) and body-clock time are interchangeable terms.

PS: Stress takes quite the toll on our bodies, in both obvious ways and ones we don’t know about until something major happens to us. Energy healing can help soothe and relieve some of that stress, no matter where you are in the world. A session is $1.00 a minute, 20-minute minimum. 🙂

Pulling Focus and Having Fun

My dear writer/Browncoat friend, Claudia told me, “Start with the places where *you* enjoy hanging out, and that have a platform conducive to your message. Learn it, play.” Light bulb!! She totally nailed the key that I’d been missing all this time: I need fun. Too serious and I’m all, “UGH! Again??” “Should” and “have to” are not for me.

As well, Lady Althaea gave me a mini bone reading, in which she told me, “There’s opportunity to use healing skills to help others. But ur (sic) not focused, chasing after every lead.”, and “You’re jumping about like a rabbit…” Well, a rabbit is my Chinese astrological sign. 😉 Aside…get thee to her site and order a reading. You won’t regret it.

I’m listening!

As a result, I’m pulling focus, and keeping my website, Heart’s Peace Healing.

I will also only be on Instagram and my private Twitter account. I thought a public account would be great, but I just end up rt’ing angry political tweets, and that’s not really helpful to my cause (it does help my  mood, though!).

The newsletter/postcards are where notification of all energy healing discounts will be.

Fun and focus. I can do this!

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – March 2016

PS: Two great blog posts really spoke to me this past week. One is by Spirit and Saga, about the Death card as her card for the year. As of this past Wednesday, it’s mine for the year, too.

The other is by Catherine Chapman, about a tarot spread and soul retrieval. Lots of food for thought! That spread is definitely in my future.




Guest Post by Jen of Cavemoms

Recently I did a healing session for Jen, and she wrote this guest post about the experience. 🙂

Hi, my name is Jenni & I am a mess. Ok, but seriously this is true. If it isn’t one thing it is
another, mainly it’s depression and anxiety though. I have moments where I don’t know which direction to turn because of my anxiety, or if I can even make myself go to the bathroom due to depression.
I am a believer in light healing. Yep, I believe your mind is a powerful thing and a place where you can do amazing things. To send energy to another soul to heal their mind is a crazy but amazing thought. After hearing about this, and not wanting to go on to a prescription medication I thought I would give this a try.

I have depression all year long but seasonally it gets much worse. I hate being trapped inside and I dislike that there is so much cold and no sun for most of the season. Green has to be one of my favorite colors because as soon as there is a little life in the trees it goes down significantly. I ended up posting on social media about being depressed and this is when Pip reached out to me. I was grateful that she did, sometimes I get a little too much in my head. She told me about her sessions and I said what the heck why not.
The experience I had with light healing is a good one. The day we scheduled to do it probably was one of my worse days at the time. I was just stuck inside my head and I wasn’t feeling anything. I didn’t want to be at my job, I was seriously thinking about quitting and I was trying to figure out what would be my next steps. Then she messaged me and reminded me it was my appointment time. I was like whatever. I am at work trying not to just walk out and quit. I had told her to go through with it, and she did. At first I didn’t notice anything, I was still grumpy ol’ me…then it was like a switch… not as subtle as a flip one more like a dimmer switch being turned up, I felt like smiling a little more and more. That day was one of my best sales days, as well as the next few days. I was happily greeting customers and glad to be at work.
Then depression found it’s way back to my brain. I think in order for this to continue to work, I would need to do this more frequently at least once a week, to bi-weekly. Yes, I am saying that I loved the feeling but like any light it fades, it’s not a permanent solution, so like any appointments follow up appointments are needed to maintain the happiness.
My last two cents, Try it… if you are struggling, doesn’t matter what it is.. could be a bad
toothache, could be mental or physical, could be emotional or grieving. Book a session or see if you can do a session pack at the time*. I think that follow up is key to success!
Jenni, Owner & Blogger www.thecavemoms.com

*Yes, we can set up a package deal if you’re interested. 🙂

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – March 2017


Hello, March!!!

I love March. It’s a great month for me. And it finally feels like winter is heading out, and spring is wandering in. For the first time ever, there’s been more than one robin at the birdbath. The other day there were 6!! I couldn’t believe it!

Last night I did some random card readings using my trimmed Fey Tarot, and it must have been the wine, but my intuition was on the ball and the cards just spoke to me. It was wonderful! I pulled these for March:

March reading

I love this deck, and I love not knowing what the majority of the cards are. Helps my Virgo step aside and let my Pisces intuition kick in! What do you see in these cards?

Things are changing, that’s obvious. Not always in a good way, but still, changing. I came across an Instagram post by Alaina O’Brien this morning that mentions how things/we are being broken down in order to become something bigger and better. Pretty much sums it all up, wouldn’t you say?

There was also this amazing post by Pearl Wilde that really hit home last night, too.

I have high hopes for March. Hopes that the darkness and fear and struggles will get easier, hope that peace is to be found in the little things, and hope that spring brings growth and joy and happiness with it. Do you have hopes for this month?

©Pip Miller – March 2017

PS: I have a part-time day job again, but I have plenty of time for healing sessions! Don’t hesitate to ask for a particular time! If it doesn’t fit my schedule, we’ll work something out. 🙂

PPS: One thing I’ve noticed since I haven’t been using my Filofax…I can’t find anything!



The Filofax Itch

…and other non-Filofax thoughts.

At the end of last year I wasn’t in the position to purchase new Filofax inserts, so I picked up a planner at Walgreens. It’s about 5×7, has big pages and print…and the pages fit perfectly in my A5 Filofax Chameleon.

Every time I open the planner, I have the urge to tear all the pages out and put them in the Chameleon, but the thought of punching holes, one by one because I don’t have a hole punch that does this configuration, is exhausting. But boy, that Chameleon is calling to me! The pages are too big for my Personal Malden (unless I also cut the pages down to size), but the definitely call out to be out of their binder. Pretty as it is.

What is a body to do?? Lol

In other news, a friend sent me a link to this great post by Starhawk, which is all committing to regeneration in the face of what is going on in the US. This friend is also the only person I know who is actually sanguine about the situation, as she sees the need for the dissolution of so much that is wrong so that we can build newer and better. I see her point, but I’ll be honest, I’m still terrified.

I just watched Arwen’s Tarotscope for this week, and the affirmation she came up with, “Today I create peace” is a really wonderful one. With so much fear and stress, doing what little bit we can to create peace is very important. What ways can you do that in your world? I’m trying not to RT as many tweets about what’s going on, not to ignore it, but to honor those in my timelines who are triggered terribly by all of this. I was a bit crazy with the RTs for a while (I could, and still can NOT fathom all of this), and I had to slow down, even for me. I was giving myself anxiety, and that’s not helpful at all.

I began doing more energy healing on myself, alleviating those feelings and doing my best to bring calm and peace into my head and body. It was the only other thing I could think of! 🙂 I am happy to help anyone else who could use some of that in their life, too.

I’m trying to spend a bit less time online, and took out some great books from the library. I just finished The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, and next up is The Marriage of Opposites. The Dovekeepers was amazing, and I’ll be on the lookout for it at my favorite bookstore.

How are you coping with the non-stop barrage?

Oh! Almost forgot! My friend Ronda, she of the fantastic malas, responded to a tweet of mine about trading a session for a Pussy Hat. Yes, the ones worn at the Women’s March. I received it last week and it’s so cool! It’s multiple colors for #solidarityindiversity, which is fantastic! Sadly, it’s been too warm to wear it so far. But I will!


Take care all, and be kind to yourselves.

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – February 2017