Twitter, anyone?

If you’re brave enough to dive into the cacophony, I have an account on twitter. Why Twitter? I explained about FB and Instagram in my last post, and since I tend to write a blog post rather than send out a newsletter, and I doubt anyone wants to watch me on YouTube, sitting with my hands on my teddy bear while I watch the birds…Twitter is the obvious answer.

I’d started an account for my healing work in the past, then shit happened and I was so angry that I thought I should separate this work from my anger, but now, fuck it; live your convictions. I’m ThistleAndPain (long story) on Twitter, and you’re welcome to join me in my anger, rage and healing work.

I hope to see you there!

Much love,


Published by Pip

Alternative healer specializing in distance sessions. I help you feel better no matter where you are. Nice to meet you!


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