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Writing Again

Hey, all. 🙂

I took that blogging break, and it extended to a lot longer than expected, but I’m back! I miss this blog and the creativity I feel when I sit down to write here.

My horoscope for this week (starts today) hit the nail on the head so clearly that I laughed when I read it. “I believe it may be the right time to tinker with or repair a foundation; to dig down to the bottom of an old resource and consider transforming it at its roots.”…oh, yeah. And that “old resource” is this blog. I have an idea how to transform it, not a total reboot, but still, different from what it’s been, for sure.

Hope to have you stick around…or come back if you’ve been gone, too. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. 🙂

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – May 2017