Mi Vida Yoga and Me!

Next door to Blue Eagle is a charming little yoga studio that has been going like gang-busters ever since it opened just over 2 years ago. Heather, Jennifer, and Crystal frequent our shop for supplies to keep the energies wonderful over there, and between their personal amazing energy and those tools, it’s obviously working!

It’s called Mi Vida Yoga, and if you’re in ABQ, you should definitely check it out.

Mi Vida Yoga

Mi Vida Yoga

Yesterday Heather and I were chatting, and guess what? I’m going to be renting her healing space (the picture on the right) on Thursdays at 11 a.m. I haven’t decided if I’ll start with one hour, and then later move to 2 hours, or step right up and go with the 2 from the get-go. Either way, I’m so excited! It’s a lovely little room, fully decked out and peaceful, and I’m looking forward to doing in-person, as well as distance healing sessions there.

It’s by appointment, so contact me via my website or by phone at 505-633-6595 to set up a session. 🙂

©Pip Miller – January 2016

PS: did you see that I’ve reintroduced an old session that I loved doing? Check it out! This works best as a distance session, simply because it can cause you to fall asleep for hours. 😉


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