Dry July Begins

Last night I drank the last drinks I’ll have for at least 31 days, and they were pretty icky, sad to say (I tried to link pictures here from Instagram, but it’s not working, so check out the ones on the sidebar). I started today with detox tea (seemed the sensible thing to do), and am now drinking an acai berry tea (it’s yummy).

I think I may write a brief blog daily about how the month is going, and there may or may not be pictures, so just in case, follow along on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram, if you’d like. I’m using the hashtags #dryjuly4breastcancer and #iamtea (hehehe). There may be updates on G+, but there won’t be on Facebook.

Wish me luck, and please, don’t forget to donate to the Avon 39 Walk, which is the reason for this dry July!!!

©Pip Miller – July 2015



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