Dry July, Breast Cancer Research, and You

A few years ago I stumbled across a blog called, “Tired of Thinking About Drinking“. In it she mentions that she’d decided to do a “dry July” and not drink for the month, and she’s been sober ever since (go, Belle!). The phrase crossed my mind again the other day, and today I thought I’dContinue reading “Dry July, Breast Cancer Research, and You”

Breathe and Let It Go

I’m sitting here, trying to catch up on everything, and it dawned on me why Wednesdays (and social media in general) overwhelm me: I have this compulsive urge to literally catch up on everything. Every post, every tweet, every instagram picture, every blog post, every every thing. Good grief, why??? It’s especially bad on WednesdaysContinue reading “Breathe and Let It Go”

Essential Tremors; Do You Crash, Too?

In the past couple of years, something unusual has started to happen whenever my tremors are bad for an extended period of time: I crash. I’ll be really tired one day (yesterday) and then I will sleep 12-15 straight hours. That next day (today) I will still be sleepy, but it’s a bit more ofContinue reading “Essential Tremors; Do You Crash, Too?”