Dear Blog

by leirda

Ah, my darling blog, how I’ve missed you! I’ve not had much to say that wouldn’t fit easy in a tweet, so I wandered away and left you sitting here, alone. I’ve found, though, that even without much to say, I need you as much you need me, and I hear you call to me, asking to be written in and begging me to say something, any thing, just to let you know I still care. I do care, and so I shall. I can’t guarantee I will join you every day, but I can say that at the minimum I will be here once a week.

All my love, dear blog, all my love. 🙂

©Pip Miller – December 2014


Time Constraints

Things have been changing in many ways, and more and more my time online is becoming less and less for various reasons. One in particular, and there’s not much I can do about it, sadly. As such, I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be doing in the future, and it may end up that I’ll be on Twitter more than anywhere else, simply because it’s quick and easy to keep up with everyone and still talk about lightwork and my day.

Couldn’t sleep for beans last night, and one thing I was mulling was the difference – if there is one – between a blog, a journal, and a diary. Do you think there is? What does blogging mean to you? Is it different writing here than it was when we all started on LiveJournal (ok, many of us, not all)? I’m curious to see what your feelings are. 🙂

Must run.

 ©Pip Miller – December 2014

Journal · Manifesting


picons25 It’s December. Another year has flown by, and I don’t know about you, but this year was a roller-coaster. And suddenly I’m antsy for 2015 to begin – so much so, that I’m acting as if it has starting today.

I’ve chosen my word for the year; there is a lot I want to change in 2015, and I settled on this word by asking myself how I wanted to feel the year had gone when next December comes along, and “pivotal” encompasses all the changes I want to implement.

I have health and well-being changes to make, attitudes need to be shifted, habits to change, etc. I find myself walking that shoreline between ‘land’ and ‘here be monsters’, and the depths I’m finding myself stepping in to aren’t positive depths: I really need to put myself firmly back on land and root myself in the me I know I am (and was) instead of continuing to step into monster-land. Parts of who I’ve become worry me, others have me completely disappointed in myself, and still others I simply do not like and no longer want as part of my being.

So Happy early New Year, and here’s to a pivotal year! Have you been thinking about your word for the year? What ideas have you come up with?


©Pip Miller – December 2014