Energy Healing

Can You Promise Healing?

This morning I woke to an email, asking about what I do, how it works, and mentioning that there are so many charlatans out there. She wanted to know, basically, if what I do is real and can I say I can really help.

reiki hand

I wrote a response, and then thought it might actually be a good idea to give you guys the meat of what I wrote, to help answer your questions, too. So here it is:

“Quite simply, I’m a conduit for Divine healing energy/light. The energy/light flows through me, and I can put my hands on someone and it will help them, or I can send it to someone anywhere in the world. Distance makes no difference.

I can not, and will never, promise that I can heal anything, because it doesn’t work that way. As the ‘in-between’ person between you and Spirit/God/whatever you call “It”, what I do facilitates the healing. But how deeply it helps the person is completely between that person and Spirit. We may think, on a conscious level, that we want to be healed of an ailment, but on an unconscious, deeper level, we may be getting something from being sick: attention we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, disability pay, being able to finally leave that job we hated because we are too sick to work….there’s a lot that goes on between you and Spirit that is beyond my ken, and I would never, ever tell someone I can do more than what I do: work as an instrument of God’s healing, helping you and God to connect in a way that you haven’t, fostering the healing that the two of you decide is best for you.
I will tell you that once a week I send healing light to someone with cerebral palsy in England, and she says it feels like being in a hydro-therapy pool; also, my mother has something akin to Fibromyalgia and when I send to her, it helps her pain and clears her mind. It is not a ‘fix-all’ for either of them, but it does help.”
I DO know that what I do helps, I DO know that you can feel better, I DO know that I’m not one of those amazing “lay on the hands and you are instantly cured” type of healers…I’m just me. Simply Pip. Spirit’s helper. 🙂
ETA: Formatting is being wonky today (Hello, Mercury retrograde’s shadow), so sorry if this is all jumbled together!
©Pip Miller – September 2014

A Smack Upside the Head

…and gratitude. Extreme gratitude.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

You know that one friend you have, the one who lays down the law in such a way that it’s as if a thunderbolt when through you, completely changing how you look at things? The one that puts that final puzzle piece in the picture you knew was missing some thing, but you didn’t know what it was? I woke to an email from that friend today. Someone I’ve never met in person, and most likely never will due to where we both live. The one who may as well have smacked me upside the head with a frying pan, knocking some serious sense into me in the caring, no-holds-barred way she has when it’s needed.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

I have a tendency to get stuck in my own head, clinging to ways that may have supported me in the past, but definitely don’t any longer. I’ve always felt “less than” and compare myself to others all the time, whether in looks, success, possessions…all of it. It’s a trait I’ve tried to overcome, but it’s a difficult one, and having that trait tends to lead me to postpone the great life I know I can have, leaving me in a world of grey and doubt.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

Her guidance (and bluntness) was as if heaven sent, giving me the courage to be strong and trust myself (and the universe) more than I do, and most importantly, build your trust. Hopefully you will notice and appreciate the changes in me over time, and I will stand stronger, wiser, and more certain of myself than ever in the past. 🙂

Image ©Osho Zen Tarot

And you…you know who you are. This is my joy-filled message of love and gratitude for the amazing, wonderful internet that brought us together and the healing you bring to my life. 🙂

©Pip Miller – September 2014


Book Recommendation

I’ve probably taken this out of the library at least 4 times over the past few years, and I’ve taken it out again. I should just buy it and get it over with. 😉

I know I’ve also written about it before, too, but I think that post was lost during one of my “sick of the internet and I’m deleting everything” temper tantrums. I’ve had a few. 😉

I like this book because there’s tips and experiences shared from multiple business owners, and some of the quotes stick in my mind – which is part of why I keep getting drawn back to the book. The one bit that always, always jumps out a me when I re-read it, is a 12 page section about intentions, goals, and tasks. Something I love every single time I read the book, begin to implement, and then let slide to the wayside (which makes reading about it again as if I’d never before). Jist is: the intention is the big ‘go for it’, the what you want to accomplish. Goals are the steps needed to make it come true. And tasks are the little things that can be done daily, especially today, to make each goal come true. I’ve now got a list of 3 or 4 intentions, a few goals under each, and I’m working on the tasks today, too.

Do you have a fave go-to book that gets your creative side going, or that helps with what you need to get done? Let me know! I can use all the help I can get so I don’t get in the mood for another temper tantrum. *gigglesnort*~

©Pip Miller – September 2014


Praying Mantis Rescue

Last week at work I took the trash out, and just as I lifted the lid I saw a praying mantis fall in. The dumpster had just been emptied and I couldn’t reach the mantis, nor was it having any of my ‘just grab on to the pole’ entreaties, either. I ended up having to leave it, and the next day when I took out more trash (inventory had come in), I caught site of it on the side of a box at the bottom of the bin. I used the bag I was dumping to gently coax it up the side of the box, then grabbed a small stick, slid it under the mantis, and lifted it out of the dumpster! I was so happy to have saved it!! It was a bit wobbly, most likely from lack of food and water, and I put it in some grass nearby, right under a tree. I posted on G+ about it, using a picture that I’d found online, and the next day Roni Loren posted this article (a must-read!) about copyright issues and the legalities that could occur as a result. So I went back, deleted the post, deleted most of my Pinterest boards, deleted much of what I’d reblogged on Tumblr, and kept only posts that included pictures I myself have taken. I was a bit bummed because it really was a gorgeous picture of a praying mantis, but the site specifically stated (when I went back and researched) that permission must be given – though it gave no way to discover the owner or how to ask for said permission. It was weird. Anyway…

Yesterday I found this little guy (gal? How do you tell?) on the screen door! So not only do I get to tell the story again (go, me! LOL), but now I can add pictures of my very own!mantis2mantis

praying mantis

I’ve never seen one with a brown torso when the rest was green, have you? I moved it to the bush next to the door, and it was so cool to watch it turning its head, checking things out…looked a bit like an alien. 😉

©Pip Miller – September 2014


Fall Is Here!

falltree I love fall! It always feels like the beginning of a new year, most likely because for my entire school life, it was. We went back to school the first Tues after Labor Day…new school supplies, new things to learn, new friends to make. It’s not the same now that I’m grown, but the feeling of newness is still there. And the cool days are heaven after a hot Southwest summer!

According to The Power Path (whose webpage isn’t working today, so I had to link to FB); the equinox is the time to honor endings, and I’m going to do a little ritual at work this morning, buy some pumpkin-scented candles, and welcome in the new. What are your plans for this wonderful day?

©Pip Miller – Sept 2014